Digital X-rays

At Fisher and Orfaly Dental, we  are now able to offer our patients digital X-rays.  We recently installed a new digital radiography system which included placing computers in each treatment room.  On Monday, July 2, we closed the office so that the entire team could participate in a three-hour training session.  We are excited about this new technology.

Dental radiographs are an important part of your dental care.  They provide us with a thorough view of what’s happening in your mouth.   There are several benefits to upgrading to digital X-rays.

Less Radiation

Digital X-rays give 70% less exposure to radiation than conventional X-rays.

Immediate Viewing

The image is instantly processed and able to be viewed on the computer monitor, whereas film takes minutes to be developed.

Image Enhancement

Digital radiography allows us to make the image larger for better viewing while not altering the clarity.

Ease of Transferring Dental Records

We are able to email digital dental X-rays to dental specialists immediately in contrast to conventional X-rays which had to be mailed.

Environmentally Friendly

There is less waste produced with digital X-rays and no chemicals are used to process the film.  

Remember it is important to have routine X-rays taken of your teeth in order to obtain optimal dental health.

Digital X-rays Digital radiography